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Monastery Vranjina | Vranjina, montenegro

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The monastery Vranjina that is located in Skadar Lake was a branch of the monastery of Sveti Arhangeli, legacy of king Milutin in Jerusalem. This monastery was given a lot of gifts from Nemanjici as well as from Baslici and Crnojevici. The monastery with the church of Sveti Nikola (St. Nicolas) was founded in 1233. Protector of this monastery was episcope Ilarion, Sava’s student who was buried here. For a while its prior was Nikon from Jerusalem, famous Orthodox spiritual men whose spiritual child was Jelena Balsic, the daughter of Saint Prince Lazar, and the wife of Djuradj II Stratimirovic.

Turks invasion and renewal

Here was also the seat of former Zeta archbishopric until the arrival of Turks. In 1843 Turks have ruined the monastery turning it into a fortress. After King Nikola once again renewed that monastery in 1886, but the tracks of the old monastery have not been preserved. The old church belfries were found in 1970’s and today they can be seen in Cetinje museum. Since 1998 the monastery is being repaired.


Monastery Vranjina | Vranjina, montenegro
Monastery Vranjina | Vranjina, montenegro

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