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Monastery Miholjska Prevlaka | Boka Kotorska, Montenegro

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This monastery also known under the name the church of Sveti Arhangeli is located in Boka Kotorska and ever since the period of its foundation it was one of the biggest centers of Christianity in the Adriatic. It was also the seat of Zeta episcopacy, which was founded by Sveti Sava (St. Sava) in 1219.

Recent archeological excavations

Until recently it was thought that the Benediction priests raised the monastery in the early middle century. But still, today’s researches and diggings show the tracks from the early Christian period, even from the period of the emperor Constantine. Archeological crew has found a grave from the early Christian period, and thanks to the coin which was found there, it can be said with very high certainty, that the grave dates back to the period from the beginning of the 6th century, the period of emperor Diocletian.

The endeavors of Katarina Veselinovic from Risan

In the XV century the monastery was very damaged in one fight in which killed 70 priests. Thanks to the effort and endeavors of Katarina Veselinovic from Risan in 1833, the remains of this church - a church of Sveta Trojica (Saint Trinity) - was rebuilt. Namely, Katarina bought 1/3 of Prevlaka, with the intention to renew the monastery and the church. When she became aware that what she had and waht was needed to make her ideas come true, she decided to do what was possible.

She renewed a part of the ancient threshold for her residence, as well as the house beside for servants. Instead of the renewal of the big church, she wanted to build a smaller church on its ruins, but based on the advice of Prevlaka the priest, she gave up on that idea. Still, she managed to build her legacy – the church of Presveta Trojica (Saint Trinity), on the grounds of the old edifice. She cleaned the weed, and other shrubbery, renewed the olive groves and orchards, arranged the paths and the coastal approach and kept and promoted, as hosts do, the monastery property.

In the end for her heir she devided the property in half and left it to bishop Petar II Petrovic Njegos. The other half she gave to Prevlaka church of Sveta Trojica (Saint Trinity). Since 1950 in this place several various archeological researches were done, and the church is being renewed since 1997. In this monastery is the seat of the Orthodox youth priority of Sveti Arhangel (St. Archangel) of the Archbishopric Montenegrin Coastal.

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